During the House military budget debate New Priorities activists got letters in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Cleveland Sun Times directly calling on their congresspeople. That’s exactly the message we need to be sending. Click here for  sample letters to the editor that you can adapt in your own words. They’ll be stronger if you use personal stories or statistics from your own city.

Click here for reports that show how cutting human services to save military spending will hurt vulnerable children, adults, seniors,  and (in your own state) food stamp users. Use these reports for writing letters to the editor and talking with local/state elected officials. We also recommend Proponomics, a video from the Coalition on Human Needs that shows how many people will be hurt. Send it to your network! And click here for quotes from Defense Secretary Panetta, JCS Chairman Dempsey, and congresspeople slamming the House “save the Pentagon, sacrifice the poor” budget passed May 10.

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