Resources for Military-to-Civilian Transition


Demilitarizing the Economy: A Movement is Underway


Leaflet for your mayor: apply for federal transition planning money!

Webinar on transition work with Miriam Pemberton and Judith LeBlanc

Conversion case studies. Learn how military bases are converted to civilian use. (Thanks to Lenny Siegel of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight!)

Researching local military contractors

Ways to start a transition project

Suggested local actions as preparation for economic conversion struggles

What if my state doesn’t have many military manufacturing jobs?

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: Replacing Defense Industry Jobs. Miriam Pemberton.

New Tools for Defense Community Transition. Miriam Pemberton, 2013.

A Comprehensive Strategy for Defense Transition Assistance. Miriam Pemberton, 2012.

Top Ten Myths of the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts. Miriam Pemberton, 2012.

Federal Resources for a Green Economic Transition. 25 pages of federal programs, updated July 11, 2012. Miriam Pemberton. Sections on:

Research Aids

Find states and cities where weapons contracts are likely to be cut at

William Hartung’s state-by-state list of major military contracts is at .

State Bills

Connecticut: Commission on Connecticut’s Future. Passed in summer 2013.

Suggested Agenda Items for the Commission on Connecticut’s Future. Miriam Pemberton, 2013.

Members and Minutes from Meetings of the Connecticut Commission.

Maryland: Commission on Maryland’s Future. Draft, 2013.

MD State AFL-CIO Resolution. Supports legislation to establish a Futures Commission. 2013.

Wisconsin: Resolution on Economic Conversion and Just Transition to a Sustainable Economy passed by the South Central Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO


Remarkable 1985 video, “Economic Conversion Now,” made from an Economic Conversion Conference that year in Boston, MA. Economic Conversion, a book summarizing the conference, is by Suzanne Gordon and Dave McFadden (Ballinger Publishing Co., 1984).


Resolution Campaign Resources

Template Resolution

List of Resolutions and Cities that Passed Them

Why Resolutions Are Important. Use this if local or state officials tell you “we don’t take positions on national policies, that’s outside our jurisdiction.”

Coalitions behind the resolutions. Get ideas and inspiration for your resolution campaign.  See the range of organizations that have joined together to pass city council resolutions and keep their campaigns going afterward.

Resources for Budget Fights

Fact Sheets
Sequestration, the Pentagon and the States – National Priorities Project fact sheets for 22 states.

Training Curriculum

Peace Action and the National Priorities Project (NPP)’s Move the Money curriculum uses engaging modules like “Budget Jeopardy” and mock debates to convey in-depth federal budget information focused on Pentagon spending. Move the Money curriculum resources include:

  • Training Curriculum:  provides a detailed blueprint for conducting the  training.
  • Fact sheets and backgrounders on broad range of topics


American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)  Invest in People, Not the Pentagon Action Toolkit includes ideas/resources to take action and fact sheets.


20 foot US Federal Budget banner – AFSC. Shows the US discretionary federal budget and the more than 50% that goes to the military. Order one for your public events or display on your building.

The National Priorities Project has two-page fact sheets on:

  • Jobs, the Economy, and Military Spending
  • Veterans Funding – Cutting Military Spending Won’t Hurt American Vets
  • Homeland Security – It’s Not Just About the Military
  • What is “Smart Security?” The Unified Security Budget
  • Less Spending, More Security – SDTF Report
  • Myth – Military Spending is Going Down
  • The Discretionary Budget – Military vs. Non-Military
  • Sequestration – What is it? Why do I Care?
  • U.S. Military Spending vs. the World

Friends Committee on National Legislation has a three-page “Practical Options to Save Billions in the Military Budget.”

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