Start organizing your Global Day of Action on Military Spending

April 17 is Tax Day this year. It’s also the day when the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute releases the latest year’s figures on military spending around the world. Meanwhile, Congress will be wrangling over next year’s budget and your city will be anguishing over the budget cuts it’ll have to swallow.

Bring all these together. Organize an action on Tuesday April 17 or the April 14-15 weekend just before. Here are some templates you can develop.

  • Bird-dogging visibility action. Congress is on recess April 2 through 15. The election season is starting and your congressperson will be out campaigning. So will the challengers. Organize a bird-dogging team to ask questions about military spending and city budget cuts (“will you cut the Pentagon budget so we can keep our library open?”) or a simple sign-holding action, take a photo of your team, and post it on the GDAMS photo wall.
  • Organize a town hall meeting, a people’s assembly, or a forum on military spending and city budget cuts. Reach out. Find organizations and people who are being cut, and ask them to testify. Invite your congressperson and challengers (or don’t).
  • Help organize “tax deadbeat” actions. Occupy folks, unions, and corporate accountability folks may be protesting corporations that don’t pay taxes. Did you know that the federal government actually paid GE $4 billion from 2008 through 2010, even though GE made $13 billion in profits? Or that Boeing and Honeywell also paid “negative taxes?” Download the study here, join a local “tax deadbeat” action, and add a military company to the target list.
  • Expand your local network. Reach out to religious leaders, local elected officials, union and community organizations, service providers and advocacy groups. They’re all getting hurt. They need a solution. They may be willing to speak or act. This is a good chance to start building new relationships that you can keep going back to.
  • Click here for more ideas from GDAMS. And whatever you do,
  • Tell GDAMS beforehand so they can help you get media coverage, and
  • Take a photo and post it on GDAMS’s photo wall.

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