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Boston Globe, July 31st, 2013: we can’t afford to continue spending 20 cents of every tax dollar on the military, regardless of whether the item in question is necessary or even good value. Instead, we should reset our national priorities towards more butter, fewer guns, and more equitable taxation.  Continue Reading…

In These Times, June 11th, 2013: on June 17… Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) will hold a series of demonstrations across the country calling on influential Democratic members of Congress to prevent the cuts from taking place. PDA is holding actions at the district offices of Pelosi, Hoyer, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.), Assistant Senate Majority Leader Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Henry Waxman (D-Calif.). In particular, PDA’s actions aim to connect the massive cuts to SNAP with a $5.1 billion increase in military spending the House is simultaneously considering as part of the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act. Continue Reading…

New York Times, April 5th, 2013: President Obama next week will take the political risk of formally proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare in his annual budget in an effort to demonstrate his willingness to compromise with Republicans and revive prospects for a long-term deficit-reduction deal. Continue Reading… .

“Move the Money Chicago” brought together IVAW and National Nurses United and won agreements from Veterans’ Administration officials to improve care dramatically. Now they want to approach the VA in other cities. Continue Reading…

Politico, May 2nd, 2012: The House Budget Committee meets Monday afternoon to put the final touches on the more than $300 billion 10-year package — the opening shot of a fall campaign to preserve defense spending without bowing to Democratic demands for new taxes. Monthly food stamp benefits would be cut, hitting millions of single-mother households by summer’s end. Unemployed workers would be dropped from the rolls until they spend down their cash savings below $2,000 — one-fifth of Romney’s famous $10,000 bet. Working-class, often Latino, parents would be denied child tax credit refunds if they lack Social Security cards proving they are authorized to work in the U.S. Continue Reading…

Foreign Policy in Focus, April 26th, 2012: The Washington Post and Lockheed Martin are working in lock-step to intimidate anyone who questions the idea of a reallocation of federal resources away from the current excessive level of military spending. Continue Reading…

Boston Occupier, March 13th, 2012: each year the US government wastes close to a trillion dollars (that’s one thousand billion!) on wars and other military spending. Such military spending necessarily means that legitimate public needs like public transportation (as well as healthcare and education) go neglected. There is a direct line to be drawn from the great sucking sound of the Pentagon budget, to the screeching breaks of trains that have not been replaced since the 1960s, when US bombs rained down mercilessly on Vietnam (rather than, say, on Iraq or Afghanistan). Continue Reading…

New York Times, January 18th, 2011: Less than a tenth of the nation’s metropolitan areas have regained the jobs they lost in the economic downturn, according to a report being released Wednesday by the nation’s mayors. Continue Reading and also see When Different Parts of the Country May Recover.

Offended by citizen calls to reduce the Pentagon budget, one of the nation’s biggest military contractors strongarmed Montgomery County officials into withdrawing a resolution they were about to vote on. Read about it on the IPS Web site, Common Dreams, and  Time Magazine’s blog.

Peace & Nonviolence Update
August 23, 2011

A field of gold T-shirts with the message “Tax Wall St. -End the Wars-Public Investment in Jobs” greeted Rep. Chabot as he walked into the North Avondale Recreation Center 15 minutes late for his town hall meeting. Of the approximately 90 people there, about 90 percent were wearing gold t-shirts or toting signs expressing support for strengthening social security, ending the wars, preventing foreclosures, and preserving medicare.

Rep. Chabot avoided eye contact with the crowd as he filibustered for 30 minutes before spending 25 minutes responding to a handful of pre-selected written questions from the audience. Many of the questions seemed to throw him off. No interaction between Rep. Chabot and his constituents was permitted during the townhall. There was no opportunity to speak and no opportunity to challenge his assertions. Taking pictures and filming the meeting were also prohibited. Some people wore tape over their mouths to protest this violation of freedom of speech.

Despite the restrictive, controlled environment, our message was unmistakable. The field of gold t-shirts dominated the scene, defining a path toward shared prosperity and fiscal responsibility.

Attendees of the August 22nd Town Hall gave voice to the majority of Americans who support taxing the wealthy, ending the wars, and public investment in jobs.

The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center organized the “Tax Wall Street – End the Wars- Public Investment in Jobs” T-shirt effort. In subsequent public meetings, Rep. Chabot  had to take questions from the audience.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, July 25th, 2011: If you are an elected official at any level of government, your job has been reduced to managing austerity. It doesn’t have to be this way — if we address the elephant lurking in the budget deficit hall. That would be the high costs of militarization and war. Continue Reading…

Speak Out: For Good Jobs Now – Rebuild the American Dream

Speak Out: For Good Jobs Now – Rebuild the American Dream

Speak Out: For Good Jobs Now – Rebuild the American Dream

Speak Out: For Good Jobs Now – Rebuild the American Dream

Speak Out: For Good Jobs Now – Rebuild the American Dream

Monday, June 27, 2011 during the “Speak Out: For Good Jobs Now – Rebuild the American Dream” event featuring Representatives Keith Ellison (MN- CPC Co-Chair), John Conyers (MI), Hansen Clarke (MI), Marcy Kaptur (OH), and Rev. Jesse Jackson at the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church located in Detroit, MI. Photos by Leona McElevene, State Coordinator, Michigan Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

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Wall Street Journal, June 4th 2011: Together, 33 states have an aggregate $75.1 billion of projected budget gaps in the coming fiscal year, after closing nearly $230 billion of shortfalls from 2009 to 2011.  Continue Reading…

May 20th, 2011: [T]oday’s pension funding gap of $1 trillion has been caused all along by politicians diverting pension plan contributions to cut business taxes and for spending elsewhere. Continue Reading…

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