NPN Plan of Work

New Priorities Network
Six-Month Plan

New Priorities Long-Term Goals

Secure ongoing funding for jobs and services in our communities by building a movement to radically change Federal spending priorities and end the wars.

This year, we can start building a movement to achieve this goal by:

  1. Launching a massive resolution campaign that voices the need to radically change spending priorities.
  2. Raising up our solution: cut military spending to fund local jobs and services.
  3. Building long-term coalitions – the foundation of New Priorities – between economic and racial justice, peace, labor, faith-based, and other organizations locally and nationally.

National Work

Mark Twain wrote, “One thing you can say about the weather…is that there is plenty of it.” Just about the only thing we can say about national politics in the coming year is that there will be plenty of it. The Tea Party’s rise, strains in the GOP, and battles over the deficit, taxes, war funding, military appropriations, jobs and human services all offer ways to present “cut military spending” as a solution to our economic crisis.

We must continue to pressure Washington to do the right thing. However, it will be hard to move any positive legislation through this Congress. It is also hard to organize grassroots campaigns around Congress’s schedule, which changes unpredictably. We think it makes sense for us to:

  • Build local organizations and long-term coalitions between economic and racial justice, peace, labor, faith-based, and other organizations. Our main vehicle for this will be a resolutions campaign with hearings and other public actions.
  • Rely on the national organizations in our network for resources and national actions.
  • Respond to calls by economic justice organizations for emergency action locally or nationally.
  • Support and expand local organizing by using the New Priorities Network to share resources and lessons we’re learning.

Local Work

If we are going to succeed in moving the money, it will be because people who need the jobs and services keep demanding them, relentlessly and in very large numbers. To build that wave of demands this year, we can as local organizers:

  • Introduce resolutions in community organizations, unions, congregations, and city councils. A national campaign of local resolutions will mobilize anger, name the solution, and pressure Congress to make it happen.*
  • Help organize speakouts on state and local budget cuts with unions, service, advocacy, and community organizations. These can focus on getting more tax revenue, with military spending as a longer-term solution. Where public bodies fail to hold hearings on the impact of the crisis, network affiliates can organize town hall events.
  • Help local organizers set up trainings and support: briefings, webinars, political mapping, coalition building, grassroots organizing, etc.
  • Keep pressure on Congress: give heart to those who agree with need to change spending priorities and hell to those who don’t!

Ways we’ll tie it together and support organizing of the Resolutions Campaign

This website,, which will provide (1) resolution campaign resources, (2) toolkits for educating and organizing, (3) links to relevant national actions.

Set up a “Resources craigslist” on that website where you can share tools you’ve developed or look for the ones you need. We’ll put them in a permanent toolkit on the site.

Continue grassroots conference calls where organizers on the ground are solving each other’s problems and providing models for each other’s organizing.

Highlight national organizations’ actions and initiatives when they help achieve our key goals: raising up “cut military spending-fund our communities” as a solution, and building coalitions and strength on the ground.

Do long-term visioning, planning, and messaging to define what a peace and justice economy looks like and how we can get there.

Continue inviting new organizations to join the network – racial and economic justice organizations and networks, national and local organizations, faith-based organizations.

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* Such a campaign is described in a proposal developed by U.S. Labor Against the War
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